Trends in Logic
50 Years of Studia Logica

Edited by
Vincent F. Hendricks
Jacek Malinowski

Trends in Logic, Kluwer Academic Publishers 2003

Contributing Authors
Table  of Contents



In 1953, exactly 50 years ago to this day, the first volume of Studia Logica appeared under the auspices of The Philosophical Committee of The Polish Academy of Sciences. Now, 5 decades later the present volume is dedicated to a celebration of this 50th Anniversary of Studia Logica. It features a series of papers by distinguished scholars reflecting both the aim and scope of this journal for symbolic logic.


Contributing Authors

  • J. van Benthem

  • W. Buszkowski

  • M.L.Dalla Chiara

  • M. Fitting

  • J.M. Font

  • R. Giuntini

  • R. Goldblatt

  • V. Marra

  • D. Mundici

  • R. Leporini

  • S.P. Odintsow

  • H. Ono

  • G. Priest

  • H. Wansing

Table of Contents


V. F. Hendricks, and J. Malinowski / 50 Years of Studia
Logica: Editorial Introduction 1–10

R. Wojcicki, and J. Zygmunt / Polish Logic in Postwar
Period 11–33

J. van Benthem / Fifty Years: Changes and Constants in
Logic 35–56

J. M. Font / Generalized Matrices in Abstract Algebraic
Logic 57–86

M. Fitting / Intensional Logic — Beyond First Order 87–108

R. Goldblatt / Questions of Canonicity 109–144

V. Marra and D. Mundici / Lukasiewicz Logic and
Chang’s MV Algebras in Action 145–192

H. Ono / Substructural Logics and Residuated Lattices —
an Introduction 193–228

M. L. Dalla Chiara, R. Giuntini, and R. Leporini /
Quantum Computational Logics. A Survey 229–271

G. Priest / Inconsistent Arithmetics: Issues Technical and
Philosophical 273–299

S. P. Odintsov and H.Wansing / Inconsistency-tolerant
Description Logic: Motivation and Basic Systems 301–335

W. Buszkowski / Type Logics in Grammar 337–382