Vincent F. Hendricks: Professor, Director | Center for Information and Bubble Studies | University of Copenhagen

Feisty Fragments: For Philosophy

Feisty Fragments: For Philosophy

Vincent F. Hendricks
King’s College Publications, October 2004
ISBN 190498701X
List price: £13 / $24

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It is a wonderful collection with a fine presentation. We’re all enjoying everything from Quine (of course) and Queen Victoria to Charlie Brown.
Douglas B. Quine

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Many philosophers have a personal collection of quotes that cut through protocol and jargon to say something important in just a few words. Hendricks has done us all a great favour by bringing so many good ones together. Professionals will chuckle while savouring the very real insights. They will offer copies to non-philosophical friends who never could understand what philosophers do for a living. Inevitably, they will borrow some of the quotes to open or close their lectures… Enjoy them in whatever way takes your fancy, in any order you please.
– David Makinson, King’s College, London


Since philosophy is a paradoxical enterprise, in various ways, there is a need for meta-reflection on the nature of this activity. Hendricks has given us a wide-ranging collection of witty and intelligent aphorisms that put philosophizing in focus and help us restore our sense of wonder. My personal favorite is this remark by Robert Nozick, himself one of the masters of philosophical argument: “Why are philosophers intent on forcing others to believe things? Is that a nice way to behave towards someone?” Indeed, why? Does the coerciveness of arguments argue in their disfavor?
– Wlodek Rabinowicz, Lund University


Funny, provocative, informative: this is a book for all those readers who want to learn more about philosophy, and for those philosophers who want to learn more about the world. Organized as a collection of pungent aphorisms and citations, Feisty Fragments gives the pulse of this ancient discipline through the words of its practitioners, from Socrates to Charlie Brown.
Achille Varzi, Columbia University, New York


Feisty Fragments is a collection of more than 400 quotations from people from all walks of life expressing their rather critical and often quite humorous takes on both philosophy and philosophers – from Nietzsche to Einstein, from Catherine the Great to John F. Kennedy.