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101 Course | Bubble Studies | 2016

101 Course | Bubble Studies | 2016

101 Course on Bubble Studies

Bubbles are usually associated with situations in finance, where the price people are willing to pay for an asset by far exceeds its fundamental value. Trading assets requires investment, in finance, typically cash or some other sort of liquid, readily available and easily transferable, means. There are many instances where we invest liquid means to create a perceived value on a daily basis without ever thinking about it. Items like “likes”, upvotes, comments, re-(tweets), selfies, emoticons are invested and traded daily online expecting returns such as visibility, sympathy, understanding, status, influence, power, respect … . Sometimes these largely cost-neutral liquid means all get invested in a few assets, blowing its traded value way out of proportion. Sometimes the liquid means chase the wrong assets and overheat the value of a social asset — from sympathy over fame to hatred. Accordingly one may speak of opinion bubbles, political bubbles, bullying bubbles, status bubbles, fashion bubbles, art bubbles even science bubbles …

Package for a 101 Course on Bubble Studies:

  1. Watch the TEDx-talk Trouble with Bubbles from Frankfurt, September 29, 2015 by Vincent F. Hendricks (below)
  2. Read “If we over-invest in the social media bubble, what happens when it bursts?”, The Conversation, 13.11.2015 /, 14.11.2015
  3. Read “Bubble Studies: The Brass Tacks” penultimate version of the forthcoming paper by Vincent F. Hendricks to be published in Leading Frontier Research in the Humanities, London: Bloomsbury / Spring 2016 (download)

Following bullet items 1-3 gives you a pretty good idea of what we’re doing at The Center for Information and Bubble Studies (CIBS) @ The University of Copenhagen