Vincent F. Hendricks: Professor, Director | Center for Information and Bubble Studies | University of Copenhagen

New Pieces | Huffington Post & HippoReads | 03.11.2016

BuzzFeed just published a piece demonstrating that post-factual tendencies in politics are alarming on the rise on hyperpartisan Facebook pages. Indeed, everybody is talking about post-truth democracy these days. Not a day goes by without a new diagnosis related to the post-factual society features in national and international media. Stories on Brexit, Trump, EU, crooked politicians, attacks on experts and researchers, and straight out neglect of evidence, make their ways to the headlines. Democracy is indeed challenged when it comes to the question of how to adequately handle facts. The thin red line between truthfulness and raw ideology seems increasingly unstable. Read the rest here …

How a Flood of Digital Misinformation Could Destroy Democracy

Vincent F. Hendricks and Joachim S. Wiewiura
Huffington Post, 03.11.2016

On August 2, 2016 a report was released on the proliferation of digital misinformation and the challenges such information presents to global society and security. The report was released by the Center for European Policy Analysis and considers misinformation as a type of global warfare. It describes how traffic among users on digital platforms is conducive to political manipulation. This report centers in on the potential threats of Russian information warfare in Eastern Europe. Read the rest here …