Vincent F. Hendricks: Professor, Director | Center for Information and Bubble Studies | University of Copenhagen

OECD Address | Vincent F. Hendricks | 06.06.2017

OECD Address | Vincent F. Hendricks | 06.06.2017

Vincent F. Hendricks’ address to the OECD Forum in Paris, 06.06.2017: Infostorms: Why do we like

Online traffic may generate money or political power, or ideological influence. The natural consequence of this is speculation on what sort of political stories potentially may enjoy high social transmission. But, whatever is viral is not necessarily true and whatever is true is not necessarily viral–so truth may just be the first victim of high circulation stories. Loss of truth is the first step towards post-factual democracy.

The overarching fear for western democracies is to end up in post-factual states. A democracy is in a post-factual state when opportune political narratives replace facts and evidence as the basis for political debate, opinion formation and policymaking.

See the address below and read his OECD Yearbook 2017 article here

Video from the danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs featuring Vincent F. Hendricks at the OECD Forum 2017