Edited by
Vincent F. Hendricks
Stig Andur Pedersen
Uwe Scheffler

Berlin: Logos-Verlag, 2004

Contributing Authors
Table  of Contents


The volume is the proceedings from the conference FOL75 - 75 Years of First-Order Logic held at Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany, September 18 - 21, 2003 on the occasion of the anniversary of the publication of Hilbert's and Ackermann's Grundzüge der theoretischen Logik. The papers provide analyses of the historical conditions of shaping of FOL, they discuss several modern rivals to FOL and show the importance of FOL for interdisciplinary research. Although the celebrated book marks a most important step in the development of logic, the volume in hand proves the actuality of the question "Which logic is the right logic?"

Contributing Authors

In alphabetical order:

  • Andreka, H.

  • Avron, A.

  • Ben-Yami, H.

  • Brunnler, K.

  • Englebretsen, G.

  • Ewald, W.

  • Guglielmi, A.

  • Hajek, P.

  • Hintikka, J.

  • Hodges, W.

  • Kracht, M.

  • Lanzet, R and

  • Madarasz, J. X.

  • Nemeti, I.

  • Odintsov, S.

  • Robinson, J.

  • Rossberg, M.

  • Thielscher, M.

  • Töke, C.

  • Wansing, H.

  • Willard, D.

  • Wolenski, J.


Table of Contents


Introduction / Vincernt F. Hendricks, Fabian Neuhaus, Stig Andur Pedersen, Uwe Scheffler and Heinrich Wansing

1. Logical analysis of relativity theories / Andreka, H. Madarasz, J. X. and Nemeti, I.

2. Safety Signatures for First-order Languages and Their Applications / Avron, A.

3. A First Order System with Finite Choice of Premises / Brunnler, K. and Guglielmi, A.

4. Predicate Logic, Predicates, and Terms / Englebretsen, G.

5. FOL 75? / Ewald, W.

6. Fuzzy Logic and Arithmetical Hierarchy IV / Hajek, P.

7. What is the True Algebra of First-Order Logic? / Hintikka, J.

8. The Importance and Neglect of Conceptual Analysis: Hilbert-Ackermann iii.3 / Hodges, W.

9. Notes on Substitution in First-Order Logic / Kracht, M.

10. Logical Inquiries into a New Formal System
with Plural Reference
/ Lanzet, R and Ben-Yami, H.

11. On generalizing the logic-approach to space-time towards general relativity: first steps / Madarasz, J., Nemeti, I, and Töke, C.

12. Constructive Predicate Logic and Constructive Modal Logic. Formal Duality versus Semantical Duality / Odinsov, S. and Wansing, H.

13. Logic is not the Whole Story / Robinson, J.

14. First-Order Logic, Second-Order Logic, and Completeness / Rossberg, M.

15. Logic-Based Agents and the Frame Problem:
A Case for Progression
/ Thielscher, M.

16. A Version of the Second Incompleteness Theorem For Axiom Systems that Recognize Addition But Not Multiplication as a Total Function / Willard, D.

17. First-Order Logic: (Philosophical) Pro and Contra / Wolenski, J.